Dance Class Uniforms

Girls (all levels) should wear pink tights with the designated color leotard. A ballet skirt may be worn as part of the uniform. Boys (all levels) should wear black shoes, black tights, and a white t-shirt for all levels.

What Color Leotard Do I Need?

Pink 3 years old

Light Blue 4 years old

Navy Blue Kindergarten 4:00-4:50

Royal Blue 1st grade
White 2nd grade
Black 3rd grade
Green 4th grade
Burgundy 5th grade
Intermediate I Lilac leotard
Intermediate II Purple leotard
Apprentices Eggplant leotard
Company Black leotard

Where should we get class uniforms?

For recommended dance apparel for the HHDS, please visit our online boutique.

How to Make a Simple Ballet Bun

Along with proper dance attire, we ask that all female students and dancers arrive to performances and classes with a bun. Since the traditional ballet bun can sometimes be frustrating to make, we have posted this video to help. In the video, you will see a bun suitable for performing in ballet or for dance class. This technique is fast and easy for the perfect bun. If you have an idea or tip to share, please let us know.